Monday, August 10, 2015

on tour

Yeezus Tour Tee, Neon Hart Skirt, Forever21 belt, Nastygal Moto Jacket, Lipstik boots.

Till this very day, I am still unable to define my fashion. Everyday I just wake up and depending on my mood, I will select a certain statement piece that I want to work with. This morning it was this Neon Hart maxi skirt that I've had for far too long and haven't even taken the tag off. You know when you're online shopping and you justify that one dress or that perfect top because it'll just go with everything and you promise to wear it everyday until it gets worn out. That was this skirt. Then winter came and it was always "too cold" for me to wear anything that would expose my little ankles.
Here I styled it with my favourite Yeezus tour tee and to give it that hint of boho, I chose my metal plated belt and taupe boots.
Also, I couldn't help but post this picture of the beautiful greek cuisine I tried the other day with my girlfriends. Zeus Greek, Drummoyne. Get on it!

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