Monday, May 16, 2016

my favourite thing in the world

Glassons Knit&Hat, HM skirt, Lipstik Boots.

One of the latest trends in at the moment is the monochrome trend. I find it one of the most interesting because of the way different people style it. If you ask me five years ago to put something monochrome together, I honestly wouldn't know where to begin. Monochrome gave me chills. But now I can see the beauty of it. This all beige look has to be a favourite by far. A classic and feminine look. 
And as for my most favourite thing in the world? Gelato Messinas without a doubt. Their flavours are sooooo bomb and so crazy, it's actually out of this world. The concoctions they come up with are just straight insane. Every week they have different specials.. and I've almost had tried every single one. No shame. And no this is not sponsored. I friggin wish.
Until next time xx

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